Burlington Optical has been committed to providing quality eye care to the Halton Region for over 15 years. The company has kept its family values, quality and consistency with the same owner and team for this period of time while adding more experience and talent every year.


It has been over 15 years and we still have the same prices as we did the first day we opened our doors. Through new technologies we provide you better quality products for less. We cater to every type of patient whether it is an inexpensive pair of reading glasses or a designer brand at an affordable price.

Patient Respect: We have respect for all of our patients and will provide this each and every time you walk through the door.

Service to our patients: Offering our patients the quality they want at an affordable cost and providing personalized service tailored to each individual.

Superior Care: As Opticians we are constantly learning new technologies and strategies to provide you with the best vision and experience. This will help us grow and serve our patients better.

Integrity: Belief in transparency with our patients creates trust in our knowledge and products.